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What is Psychodynamic Counselling?

Psychodynamic Counselling is a meeting between two people that involves deep listening and careful attention. It is aimed at creating a relationship of trust so that one person feels secure enough to explore deep and difficult feelings with the other. Common emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety and addiction can often be the result of feelings that have been defended against or “pressed down” over the years.

Psychodynamic counselling is a process where a person works with a counsellor  in order to uncover troubling experiences and patterns that they are not aware of. The process will usually involve a focus on early childhood experience as this is often where emotional difficulties have their roots.

Perhaps most importantly the process involves working with unconscious processes. We may think of ourselves as enlightened, self-aware beings who have an insight into our own fears and desires but much is lurking beneath the surface which we only half-glimpse from time to time.

The truth is that we can only ever see ourselves “through a glass darkly” but we can always become more aware. Psychodynamic therapy can help with this process of becoming aware and in so doing we can live fuller, more vital lives.


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