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What do people come to counselling for?

What do people come to counselling for?

It can be for any reason and sometimes people are not even sure why they want to come. However the following are common: 

  • “I want rid of my anger”
  • “I can’t form meaningful relationships”
  • “I can’t get over this grief”
  • “I can’t see any point in anything”
  • “I’m so frightened and anxious all the time”
  • “I feel so depressed all the time”
  • “I feel like a failure”

Practice location

Room 3, 17 Elmbank Street, Glasgow  G2 4PB


Psychodynamic Counselling in Glasgow and Online

t: 0141 280 2874.

email: john@glasgowcounsellor.co.uk

John Quinn - Counsellor in Glasgow

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